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No, It Isn’t Real: Urban Myths about Marijuana Debunked

No, It Isn’t Real: Urban Myths about Marijuana Debunked

As a result of Hollywood movies that depict people who smoke cigarettes cannabis since foolishand idiotic, a complete great deal of individuals mistakenly believe smoking cigarettes cannabis makes you stupid.

Now group of researchers have actually unearthed that imbibing cannabis doesn’t lower IQ degree in teens, especially those that utilize it amongst the ages of 12 and 18. The new study makes use of a past research conducted by a group from Arizona State University that studied near to 2,000 twins born between 1994 and 1995 in Wales and England. The twins’ cleverness levels were evaluated at three points that are different at age 5, 12, after which at 18.

Utilizing information from that scholarly study, researcher Ian Hamilton along with his team looked over the IQ degrees of the topics and discovered that marijuana usage will not adversely impact IQ. (more…)