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MOTO Credit Card Merchant Account – Mail Order/Telephone

MOTO Credit Card Merchant Account – Mail Order/Telephone

Seamlessly incorporate a MOTO bank card processing solution and increase your client base.

Mail telephone and purchase order (MOTO) re re payments certainly are a branch of card-not-present transactions. Merchants that accept MOTO re payments use digital terminals to manually input clients’ payment card information they get over the telephone, when you look at the mail or via fax. The re re payment computer software relays the card information to your vendor supplier, whom validates the funds with all the card-issuing bank and charge card community to accept or drop the deal. The supplier can settle the funds as soon as the bought item vessels, or for a schedule set using the vendor.

MOTO charge card processing solutions are helpful for home-based companies, delivery companies, catalogs, telemarketers, non-profits, wholesalers, traveling merchants and companies that just wish to provide more re payment flexibility for greater consumer reach and satisfaction. MOTO merchants don’t always need a webpage just because a digital terminal are accessed from any web browser that is secure. Some clients like the aspect that is personal of their charge card information on the phone rather than online, in addition to opposite can be real. (more…)